Toki - Tutorial Guide

This guide will provide visual tutorials as well as where to find support documents for a variety of design and UI questions. If what you are looking for is not listed below please reach out to us!
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How to customize membership module

How to activate a membership

How to edit/change the challenge banner

How to import from past platform

****Airdrops can be found by going to Rewards Program > Manage all activities (under Ways to Earn) and then you will see the Airdrops tab

Images Guide

How to add a leaderboard block

How to edit or change questions in the complete your profile component

How to set up a co-creation portal

How to add or change membership card design

How to make changes to the status component

 Checkout UI Spending Component

How To Disable Stackability

 How to turn off live designs

Use this guide to add blocks so your members can spend their credit or use their rewards at checkout.

Setting up a quiz/poll/survey

How to engage your members in the peak moment, after they have made a purchase.

Rewards Page:

Rewards Page explainer:

Co-creation Page:

Co-creation Explainer:

Profile Page:
Profile Explainer:

Manage Rewards Page:

Manager Rewards Page Explainer:

Paid Memberships Explainer:

Paid Membership Example:

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