Importing Past Points/Credits

For to import past credits into the Toki portal from your older platform
Written by Nora
Updated 6 months ago

To import your past user data into Toki, go to Integrations and scroll to the bottom where it says Import.

We suggest downloading our Import template so you get a sense of the formatting for the rows needed for your import. Once your template if formatted correctly, drag and drop it into the space.

We will then ask you a few questions to make sure we synthesize this information correctly.

For example:

What do you want to do with this data?

You can have this replace the current value we might have in our system. You can add it to what we currently have on file. You can just import these members and not do anything with the point/credit value. 

Where did this come from?

This is optional.

What was the value of this credit?

The conversion system in Toki is 100 points (or credits) = $1. So we are going to do math on our end to convert what you have in your spreadsheet, with what is aligned in our system so none of your members lose value.

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