List of all VIP Tier Perks

You can reward your members with a number of perks as they unlock VIP tiers
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Reward Tiers are a collection of perks you give your customers once they have collected a certain number of points/credit, have completed a certain activity (a number of times) or after they have spent a certain amount of money with your brand.

Perks you can reward

  • Free shipping: This can be for expedited shipping, two day shipping or just regular shipping
  • Discounts: You can give a % based discount or a flat-value discount; It can be a one-time usage discount or available for the lifetime that someone is in a Tier
  • Accelerators: A multiple on all of the actions they take; For example if a member is in Tier II and gets a 2x accelerator, as a result. Lets say you are giving 100 points for every photo submission. This user would get 200 points for their photo submission
  • Voting Multipliers
  • Free Gifts: A free gift can be 
  • Gated Access
  • Collectibles
  • Store Credit
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