List of all Reward Activities

Activities are actions that customers can take to earn store credit - they are set up in your Merchant Portal. They are automated so once you set them up once, your customers will receive rewards automatically!
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With Toki, our goal is to give you the best picture of your customer possible and then the tools to activate them accordingly. The best way to do this is by:

  • Join
  • Social (Follow, Like, Post, Join)
    • Twitter
    • FB
    • Instagram
    • Discord
    • TikTok
  • Referral
    • Get a friend to join the program
    • Get a friend to make a purchase
    • Get a friend to join then do an activity
  • Purchase
    • Buying a specific product
    • Buying generally (based on spend, % cashback)
    • Buying a subscription
    • Staying on a subscription (3rd purchase, etc)
  • Zero Party Data
    • Quiz
    • Survey
    • Voting Activity
  • Complete a challenge/quest - aka do multiple activities
  • Other
    • Submitting a picture or video
    • Download the Apple Wallet Pass
    • Click a link
    • Share your birthday
    • Sign up for newsletter
    • Sign up for SMS
    • Writing a review
    • Scan a QR code

🚨Before you create an activity, it is important that you have set up your Integrations 🚨

Here is how to create an activity or challenge:

Keep in mind

  1. Integrations are a necessity to make certain Activities function. Ensure you setup Integrations first and foremost!
  2. You can edit an activity at any time
  3. To duplicate activities, simply click on "Manage all activities" and then click the three dots under Actions next to the activity you want to duplicate.

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