How Gifting Works

There are two ways you can set up gifting to work with your VIP Tier
Written by Nora
Updated 6 months ago

When you set gift as a reward with a Tier, this means the user will unlock this gift the moment they enter the tier. You can set up the gift to be manual or automatic. 

If the gift is manual, that means the user will need to go into their wallet or into the Product Redemption component in order to redeem the gift. If you want to give the member an option on what product they get, we suggest using manual mode so they can select themselves. They can select their gift either in the wallet:

 or in the Product Redemption module:

Here is how to set it up in the wallet:

Here is how to set up the Product Redemption module:

If the gift is automatic, this means that as soon as they enter that tier, we will trigger a Shopify draft order for that product for that customer. No further steps are required for your member as the gift will be headed their way in no time. You will just need to keep your eyes out for draft orders.

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