How does the Apple Wallet pass work?

It works as an extension of your referral link
Written by Nora
Updated 4 months ago

The Apple Wallet pass is an easy way to access your referral QR code. IF you present this to someone in person, they can take a picture and will automatically be taken to said brands website and have your referral discount added to their cart. If you friend then purchases, you will get rewarded.

For example: Brand A's referral program is give $20, get $20. So when your friend hovers over your QR code in your wallet, they will be taken to Brand A's website and a $20 credit will be added to your friends cart. Once they purchase, you will have $20 added to your Toki Wallet. In the wallet you will see the coupon either added to your member card or in the coupon section of your wallet. Either way, you will see it as a listed transaction.

Where you'll see your credits:

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