Holding Tokens

The benefit of having a crypto wallet is you can be as overt or covert about your identity as you like. You can also use more than one at any given time. Or use each one for different purposes (i.e. Wallet #1 for home goods shopping, Wallet #2 for subscriptions, etc.) We suggest utilizing the Toki wallet for the following reasons:
1) Easier set up process. Sometimes the network setup with other wallets can be finicky.
2) You are able to exchange your tokens for free products. With other wallets this is not possible.
3) Tracking exchange of tokens with third-party crypto wallets is quite challenging for Toki to do. There is a chance we may not be able to properly attribute the value in your third-party wallet.
The most important part to keep in mind with using your Toki wallet is that your tokens/assets are going to be on the Toki network. If you can't seem to find your tokens, make sure you are looking at the right network.
Having trouble setting up your wallet? Contact us at [email protected] and we are happy to help.