Assets are digital receipts given to your customers when they have actions or achieved goals with your brand. With Toki, you can give your customers three types of digital assets - ERC-20's, ERC-1155's or non-blockchain points.
These assets can be given to a customer either automatically (with Activities) or manually (with Airdrops). They can also be unlocked once someone has taken a string of actions (via a Challenge or a Reward Tier).
But first, you must mint your assets in the Asset section of the Merchant Portal.
How to
Best Practices
You are going to want to mint digital assets that connect to actions (like Activities and Airdrops) and then you are going to want to mint digital assets for specific unlocks that have rewards/perks attached to them (like Challenges and Reward Tiers). They are are conceptually two different things. One is something you collect over time. Another is a delineation of unlocked benefits.
Keep in Mind
  1. 1.
    If you have minted a "brand token" the symbol cannot be changed at a later date. However, you may mint multiple "brand tokens".
  2. 2.
    These are "earned" instead of "paid tokens" meaning they will not have a value at the time of the mint.