Toki Community

Introducing a place to engage and connect with your customers to grow your brand and drive revenue.
Written by Jason
Updated 1 week ago

Toki Community is a dedicated channel where you can send messages and interact with all of your customers. These can be both private and public channels, to send anything you want!

Some use cases would be: news relating upcoming sales or promotions. Upcoming in person events (popups), raffles, etc. All community channels are real-time so the options are limitless!

Here’s how to set this up:

First head over to the communities section in Toki and start creating your channel. Fill in the necessary info such as, Channel name, your brand logo, and who has access to write messages.

If you want to create other channels for different audiences, you would want to use the segments feature.

After you have created your channels, the last step is to add the community section to your Toki Wallet. In the design section for the wallet, add the community directory block to your preferred wallet tab, we recommend on the home tab.

Here is a short video on all the steps:

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