Integrating Rebuy to promote your Toki Memberships

How to connect Rebuy Cart with Toki Memberships.
Written by Jason
Updated 1 month ago

Toki integrates seamlessly with Rebuy to create exposure and increase your sales by promoting your Toki membership product in the Rebuy Cart. Here’s how to set this up:

In your Rebuy dashboard, head over to the SmartCart to create a new SmartCart or edit an existing one.

In the SmartCart settings, head over to Cross-sell Widgets and you can create or edit an existing widget.

Inside the Cross-Sell Widget interface, there are a few settings here you need to adjust.


  1. First step is to head over to the General tab, and turn on the product type to Subscription Only or Both Subscription + One time purchase. This setting would depend on if you decide to have only subscription product suggestions, or a mix of single purchase and subscription products.

  2. In the Data Source Tab, click edit. This is where you can specify rules for the cart on what products you would like to recommend to customers. Create a rule of your choice where the recommendation is the Toki Digital Membership.

    Feel free to add any other rules and customize the language to match your store’s branding.

The last step is to customize the widget on how many products you would like the cart to display. This can be found in the Layout tab and using the quantity slider. 


Once you’re satisfied with all the settings. Save your work and turn on your SmartCart live! Afterwards you can preview how the cart looks on your theme.

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