How to Use Toki properties in Klaviyo

You can make your emails more personalized by implementing Toki properties into your Klaviyo emails.
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You can make your emails more personalized by implementing Toki properties into your Klaviyo emails. For example, you can send messages like:

"You are 200 points away from your next tier"


"Your points are about to expire in 5 days"


"You have over $10 in store credit and haven't been active in 100 days"

All of this is possible through Toki properties. Here is how you add a property to an email:

​Here is a list of all the properties we support:

  • Toki_points_earned: The customer's total historical points earned
  • toki_point_balance (if you are using points-as-credit, see below): The customer's current available points balance that they can use now,
  • Toki_tier_name: The name of the tier the customer is in now
  • Toki_loyalty_nt_points: The number of points the customer must earn in order to proceed to the next tier.
  • Toki_nt_amount: The amount the customer must spend in order to proceed to the next tier. This property will show the default currency defined in your account settings.
  • Toki_nt_name: The name of the next tier that customer will unlock.
  • Toki_referral_link: The customer's unique referral link. If you are running a code-based referral program, see below for attributes for code-based referrals.
  • Toki_has_account: True/False depending on if the customer has an account with the platform or not.
  • Toki_referrer_email: The email of the customer to send the referral to the friend.
  • toki_referrer_name: The first name + last name of the advocate (if that information is available).
  • toki_${CHALLENGE_NAME}challenge_completed_at: The challenge that this customer has completed
  • toki_voting_activity_${ACTIVITY_NAME}: The answer that the customer gave for the voting activity OR zero party data activity completed (we know this is a little confusing!)
  • apple_wallet_download_url: This will be replaced with a link to download the your users Apple Wallet pass
  • toki_tier_rewards: Rewards associated with current tier
  • toki_nt_rewards: Rewards associated with next tier
If there properties are not filtering through for you, please make sure you can connected your Klaviyo account to Toki via the Integration API's. 
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