How to create Postscript Automations with Toki Events

Learn how to automate flows to your Loyalty customers with Postscript
Written by Jason
Updated 2 weeks ago

Automation flows in Postscript allow you to message your subscribers at different stages of the customer journey. With the Toki integration, this lets you setup automations to target specific loyalty events through SMS. Some example use cases are: sending a message for a birthday reward reminder, reminding customers about their loyalty points, and so much more!

Here is how to setup a typical loyalty automation flow:

You can also setup automation flows for a variety of different Toki related use cases.

Here is a list of all the events we support:

Toki- Account Created
Toki- ActivityApproved
Toki- Activity Completed
Toki- Activity Denied
Toki Authenticated
Toki- Automated Gift Sent
Toki-  Birthday
Toki- Challenge Completed
Toki- Challenge Started
Toki- Challenge Completed
Toki- Challenge Started
Toki- Klaviyo Submission
Toki- Membership Lost
Toki- NewsletterSignUp
Toki - Points Earned
Toki- PointsReminder
Toki - Redemption Created
Toki- Redemption Reminder
Toki- Referral Code Used
Toki- Referral Completed
Toki- Reward Tier Earned
Toki- Send Refer A Friend Invite
Toki- Voting Activity Completed
Toki- Wishlist Item added
Toki- Wishlist Item Removed

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