Adding Toki Components to the Recharge Customer Portal

This article provides you with the exact steps on how to integrate Toki Components to your Recharge Portal.
Written by Jason
Updated 1 week ago

Recharge customer portal integrates seamlessly with Toki so that when your customers login to their subscription account, they don’t need to separately sign in again for their loyalty.

It’s also possible to show essential loyalty components in your Recharge Customer Portal. Some key components you can display here are: Your membership status, refer a friend program, and more!

Here's how to set that up:

In Toki design your specific component and when you’re done click on Generate HTML at the top.

Copy the HTML script, and head over to your Recharge Merchant Portal. From there go to Customer Portal and under HTML styling paste what you copied from Toki.

And you’re done! You can check your work by using the preview theme button at the top.

Example setup:

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