How to compare Toki to Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion is a decent intro platform to get started with loyalty, however, without exciting activities like quizzes, challenges and leaderboards as well as minimal design customization and hefty pricing, it is hard to justify the price...
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  • Loyalty Lion's reward activities are limited unless you pay incrementally - you can add additional activities for $5-20/month each) - it adds up!
  • Loyalty Lion only allows you to give points (though they can be branded) - no Cashback or accumulated store credit
  • Loyalty Lion redemption is confusing to consumers
  • Loyalty Lion VIP Tiers only accessible for the Pro account ($729/month)
  • Loyalty Lion gives minimal access to customer data making hard to communicate to your customer
  • Loyalty Lion only gives you a launcher - you must page $249/month for a custom landing page
  • Loyalty Lion analytics are decent, giving an okay picture of the success of your program
  • Loyalty Lion has many integrations but very few subscription integrations
  • Loyalty Lion does not cover other aspects of retention such as Paid Memberships, Wallet Passes and more 

Minimal Ways to Reward Your Customers

Loyalty Lion does not have many out of the box reward activities. To reward for more, you must pay small incremental fees based on the activities you want.

A Head to Head of Reward Activities:

Activity Toki Loyalty Lion
Store Credit for Purchase X X
Sign Up X X
Sign up for Subscription X
Subscription Continuation X
Goal Spend X
Refer a friend to purchase X +$15/month
Refer a friend to sign up for the loyalty program X
Refer a friend to to an activity X
Complete profile X
Complete a quiz X
Complete a poll X
Complete a survey X
Submit a photo X
Submit a video X
Social Like  FB, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter FB, Twitter + Instagram ($19/month)
Social Follow FB, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter FB, Twitter + Instagram ($19/month)
Social Post + Tag FB, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter FB, Twitter + Instagram ($19/month)
Join Group (Facebook) X
Share Purchase on Social FB + Twitter FB, Twitter + Instagram ($19/month)
Challenges X
Birthday X +$5/month
Click a link X
Download Apple Wallet Pass X
Scan QR code X
Newsletter Sign Up X +$5/month
Login X
Write a Review X +$10/month
SMS Sign Up X
Loyalty Lion Activities in the platform:

Toki Activities in the platform:

 Activities with Toki can be:

  • Scheduled
  • Limited (daily, weekly, monthly, one time)
  • Segmented (reward different people with different amounts)
  • Rewarded with points, discounts, gifts or collectibles

Cashback/Store credit Structuring

With Loyalty Lion, you are giving points to your customers and they can, in fact, be branded. 

With Toki, the points can be branded as well (for example: Beast Bucks) but you can also use store credit/cash/store currency (for example: follow us on Instagram and get $10 in store credit or $5 in direct cash).

How this looks in the Toki platform:

Redemption Limitations

With Loyalty Lion, you can redeem your points at any given time for discount codes. However, this type of redemption structure is quite limiting to customers. The customers only have specific transaction options and not full control of their rewards.

With Toki, users can choose how many of their points/store credits they want to spend at any given time. And you, the marketer, can set limitations that fit with your margin expectations.

What the user sees (with Toki):

What you (the marketer) can control (with Toki):

Gating of VIP Tiers

With Loyalty Lion, you have to be on their Advanced plan of $729/month to do VIP tiers. With Toki, VIP tiers are an out of the box offering to anyone and everyone.

Decent Understanding of your customer

With Loyalty Lion, you get decent viewership or control over your customers. With Toki, there is advanced customer segmentation so you can take a deep look at each user, create segments based on their behaviors and use it in your marketing automation.

Toki syndicated bilaterally with CRM data to maximize your segmented outcomes.

Toki's Customer Profiles:

Inability to Customize Settings

With Toki you have more customization within the program:

Settings Toki Loyalty Lion
Allow you to control discount stackability X
Allow point expiration X X
Multicurrency X +$10/month
Translations X
Display cash value  X
Points branding X X
Maintain Status X
Tier Stacking X
Cash out X
Giftcards X
Product Rewards X $5/month

Design Customization not Available:

With Loyalty Lion, you have the ability to have a "Launcher" but to have a Rewards Page you need to contact their customer support where they will build it custom for $249/month. There are no other ways to communicate to your customer about your rewards program making it hard for your customers to know, what they have and how to use their credits.

Toki has over 20 onsite components to choose from:

Whereas this is the Loyalty Lion launcher:

You can only have the Rewards Page or Redeem at checkout if you are on the Advanced Plan ($249/month)

Minimal Integrations:

Toki has over 19 integrations, whereas Loyalty Lion has 12. 

Integration Toki Loyalty Lion
Klaviyo X X
Postscript X
Attentive X X
Mailchimp X
Sendlane X
Omnisend X X
Snowflake X
Sendlane X X X
Recharge X X
Stay AI X
Loop Subscriptions X
Bold Subscriptions X
Skio Subscriptions X
Prive Subscriptions X
Fairing X
Gorgias X X
Loox X X
Okendo X X X X
Smartrr X X X
Yotpo Reviews X X

Decent Analytics:

With Loyalty Lion, the analytics dash is reasonable. Giving you some attribution metrics to go off of but no benchmarks to help you improve.

Almost all things in Loyalty Lion are gated, including great analytics. In order to get analytics you must be on their $249/month plan.

Loyalty Lion Analytics:

Toki Analytics:

Features Toki has that Loyalty Lion doesn't:

Toki is an all encompassing retention solution, fully integrated with customer accounts and in store experiences. These additional features present this vision:

  • Paid Memberships (like Amazon Prime)

  • Zero Party Data i.e. Reward for Completing Profile, Quizzes, surveys, polls
  • Co-creation portals! Allowing your customers to vote on brand related decisions and have their votes count based on their tier!
  • Gamification i.e. Challenges, Quests, treasure hunts, Leaderboards
  • Wishlists
  • Apple Wallet Passes (+ push notifications)

Very Expensive + Can't Cancel

In looking into customer feedback and reviews, the majority of negative reviews related to Loyalty Lion are related to the fact that it very expensive for the lack of support provided and in order to cancel you must reach out to their customer support team. 

The Loyalty Lion pricing model is very confusing generally. It seems you could hypothetically add on $5/month for everything under the sun. It would be very easy to get carried away and end up with a $1k/month bill without knowing it!

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