Feature Updates 3/31/24

Google Passes, Multi-language, Membership Analytics and more!
Written by Nora
Updated 3 weeks ago

We are constantly working hard to build the Retention Platform of your dreams. Please let us know if you have any questions on these new features or any thoughts on what we should launch next.

Update 1: Zero Party Data Required Fields

Merchants now have the ability to select fields are required or not at the question level when creating a Zero Party Data reward activity

Update 2: Reward for Scanning QR code

Toki now has a QR code generator so if you want to reward your users for scanning a QR code, we can automatically create one linked to a scanning activity. You can easily download the QR code to print and place wherever you like in stores or marketing materials.

Update 3: Custom Text on Passes

Merchants can now add custom text in one of the three fields on the Apple/Google wallet pass.

Update 4: Google Passes

A long time coming, Toki now supports Google Passes! 

Update 5: Membership Analytics

We now support more intensive Membership Analytics so you can get a better understanding of who churned, your total membership revenue and more.

Update 6: Member Filters

Merchants can now sort and filter their members to get a better look at who they are based on what membership they have.

Update 7: Referral Delay

Merchants can now add a delay to the referral so that the referral does not officially happen until a certain number of days after the purchase is complete

Update 8: Multi-language

We now support multi currency in the wallet for all languages.

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