Allowing users to download the pass via email or in a Shopify block

Written by Nora
Updated 2 months ago

If you want your users to have more ways to download your Apple/Google wallet pass, you can always input blocks for downloading via email or Shopify. In Klaviyo, create a button and in the URL area write {{person.toki_apple_download_link}}.

Watch how this is done here:

If you want your users to be able to download the pass from a landing page, you will need to have the wallet on that landing page. It can be hidden but you will still need it to trigger an open of the wallet so that we can authenticate the user for the download.

You will need to find your activity ID, add it to the end of this #toki-open?toki-owp=/home/activity/ and place this as the URL for the button link.

Pictured here:

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