Opening to specific wallet pages

Written by Nora
Updated 4 months ago

Looking to drive users to a specific wallet page? Look no further..

Steps for structuring:

  1. Use the following template {{your-link-with-toki-wallet}}?toki-owp-{{path}} toki-owp- this parameter sets the initial page on which the wallet will be opened when someone opens it
  2. Replace {{your-link-with-toki-wallet}}- with the link where you placed the wallet
  3. Replace {{path}} to the path inside the wallet on which page you want to open the wallet

Here are a list of available paths:

  • /home- home page (the first tab)
  • /home/earn- Ways To Earn page
  • /home/activities - will open the wallet on the activity list
  • /home/activity/{{activity_id}} - will open the wallet on a specific activity
    • You can find your Activity ID in the domain when you open the activity (i.e.
  • /home/challenges- Challenges page
  • /home/voting-activities- Voting Activities page
  • /home/voting-activity/{{id}}- specific voting activity
  • /profile - Profile page (the fourth tab)
  • /profile/edit - the fifth tab
  • /reward-overview - the second tab
  • /transactions - the third tab
  • /credits/spend - the fourth tab

For example (if you want this to open on a new page):

If you don't want to open a new page, and you want to open the wallet on the same page, use this format:


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