Customer Success FAQ

You've implemented Toki and now you need to prep your customer success team on how to use the platform when they get inbound requests. This document should be your guiding light for any inbound questions you may receive or requests you need to field.
How to see how much store credit someone has: You can see how much credit someone has by going to the Audience tab in your merchant portal and searching their name or their email.
How to give them more store credit (or subtract store credit): You can give (or subtract) credit to a members account by going to the Audience tab in your merchant portal and searching their name or their email. From there click on the +/- store credit button to proceed.
What to do if they have multiple accounts: If a user has multiple accounts and they want to merge them, we suggest opening up both accounts, subtracting the total value from Account A and adding that total value to Account B, then lastly Deleting Account A with the Delete Customer button.
They are having trouble logging in: If a customer is having trouble logging in, we suggest you ask them to reset their password. If that doesn't work, it is worth checking your Audience tab and seeing whether that email showing up as an active account. Search that customers name to see any other emails that might be registered under their name.
They aren't sure how to spend their store credit: Store credit can be spent in the Toki Wallet or onsite with the Redemption Module or Spending Module. Please share this video if you would like to guide your customer through the spending process.
If this does not work, you can also sign in to that customer's account through their Audience Profile page and spend points on a discount code for them. Their discounts will be available to them in the wallet until they actively use it at checkout on a purchase.
It's often helpful to add a FAQ Component to your rewards page. Which FAQ's to add these will be dependent on your program, however, here are some of the more common ones.
  • What are my points/store credit worth?
  • How do I earn them?
  • How do I spend them?
  • How do referrals work?
  • Do my points/store credit expire?
You can always send them areas of the For Users section of our Support Documentation for more guidance!